Hoopla! And book lovers everywhere rejoiced!

This probably didn’t merit an entire blog post but, here we are.

I was browsing in my local public library and I saw this sign that said something along the lines of “get this app and have access to your public library online!”

Curious, and happy to try something that would enable to me to get books without leaving my house for them, I searched it up on my local library’s webpage and it was easily the best decision of my life, especially as a comic reader.

If your local library has a partnership with one of three apps, you may be able to sign up with your library account and check out e-books just like you would at the library, downloading it right then and there and returning it for you without you having to remember to do so. (*Obviously, you have to check with your local library to see if they offer the service.)

My library has a partnership with Hoopla, and after the initial weirdness of figuring out how to get it to sync, within minutes I had both Lumberjanes Vol. 1 and Flash: Rebirth at my disposal on my iPad.

Now let me tell you why this is revolutionary, my friends. No more going to the library and checking to see if they have your new favorite title in. And if it is in, no more waiting for the person with Volume 1 to finish (the struggle of finding the first book of a series in a public library is so real…) The online service might even have more comic titles available in digital form than they do in print. I adore it, because now I can try out comics I’m a little iffy about before shelling out the money to either buy the subsequent volumes or subscribe.

I am a lover of the physical book, for sure, but this service is great. They also have thousands of e-books and audiobooks, music and films to choose from, but of course, but I’m mostly talking about how useful this is for reading and discovering new comics.

Go forth, and borrow!

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